About Genesis Care Sanitary pads Dispensers

An award winning product, in Sexual Reproductive Health IAM 2.0 2018, environmentally safe mechanism, self instant disposal of used sanitary pads at source, no double handling, no dumping, one sanitary pad incinerated to 1 gm of sterile ash.

Dispenser Models

There are two models of the dispensers, which are:

1. Manual Operated Model
  1. 1. Single coin acceptor technology
  2. 2. Double coin acceptor technology
  3. 3. Press button technology
2. Fully Digital/Automatic model
  1. 1. Digital Mpesa Dispenser
  2. 2. Digital Accountability Dispenser

Benefits of Sanitary Pads Dispensers

  1. 1. Immediate access to napkins at any time of the day to meet menstrual emergencies.
  2. 2. Convenience of purchasing the product independently.
  3. 3. Self-dispensing of the napkin at the drop of a sh. 10 coin.
  4. 4. Saves the embarrassment of seeking napkins from peers and authority.
  5. 5. Physical inspection window for availability of napkins.
  6. 6. Vending machine is mountable on a wall and can be fixed in washrooms .