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Sanitary Pads Incinerator

Genesis sanitary pads incinerator

Patent information

Patent wholly owned by Silmak Agencies

About Genesis Sanitary Pads Incinerator

An award winning product, in Sexual Reproductive Health IAM 2.0 2018, environmentally safe mechanism, self instant disposal of used sanitary pads at source, no double handling, no dumping, one sanitary pad incinerated to 1 gm of sterile ash.


  1. Compact in size, this makes it portable and mountable on walls, it can fit in small rooms
  2. Mountable on walls
  3. Removable ash trays
  4. Electrically operated and auto power off to reduce power consumption
  5. Auto thermal cut for user safety
  6. Complete incineration of napkins with less than 1 gram of ash per napkin
  7. Easy installation
  8. Automatic and sensor models increase the heater and the machine’s life and reduces the electricity charges
  9. High density heat proof ceramic board (1850) and puff insulation for excellent thermal protection


  • Genesis incinerator is a safe hygienic and scientific wall-mountable machine that is used to dispose used sanitary towels by electrically converting it into harmless sterile ash within a short period.
  • The incinerator is a better option for many institutions currently using the paddled-bins for the pads. They are both affordable and hygienic
  • Using best components, technology and raw material in the manufacturing process, Genesis will consistently strive to provide high quality, efficient and economical products that promote feminine hygiene.


Models GI-25 GI-40 GI-60
Burning Per Day 25 napkins approx 40 napkins approx 60 napkins approx
Per Time Storage 2 Napkins approx. 3 Napkins approx. 5 Napkins approx.
Dimensions MM LxBxH=170*170*250 LxBxH=180*180*300 LxBxH=210*210*270
Insulation MS Powder Coated MS Powder Coated MS Powder Coated
Heater Watts 700 Watts 700 Watts 1000 Watts
Mode Automatic Automatic Automatic
Operation Micro Processor Micro Processor Micro Processor
Options Timer Display Timer Display Fluctuation Controller
Safety Cut Offs 3 steps 3 steps 3 steps

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