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Welcome to Genesis Brands

We are manufacturers of Genesis range of products which include Genesis sanitary pad, Genesis sanitary pad dispenser, Genesis sanitary pad disposal incinerator and Genesis adult diaper.

Our innovative products ensure access to sanitary pads to a number of women and girls with poor backgrounds in Kenya, with UNESCO estimating that around half of the school-aged girls do not have access to sanitary towels.

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Our Products

Genesis Sanitary Pads Dispenser

Genesis sanitary dispenser


Convenience of purchasing the product independently.

Self-dispensing of the napkin at the drop of a sh. 10 coin

Vending machine is mountable on a wall and can be fixed in washrooms

Physical inspection window for availability of napkins

Immediate access to napkins at any time of the day to meet menstrual emergencies.

Genesis Sanitary Pads Incinerator


Genesis incinerator is a safe hygienic and scientific wall-mountable machine that is used to dispose used sanitary towels by electrically converting it into harmless sterile ash within a short period.

The incinerator is a better option for many institutions currently using the paddled-bins for the pads. They are both affordable and hygienic

Using best components, technology and raw material in the manufacturing process, Genesis will consistently strive to provide high quality, efficient and economical products that promote feminine hygiene.

Genesis sanitary incinerator

Genesis Adult diaper

adult diaper

The Genesis adult diaper is high quality with ultra dry top layer, has super absorbent core and wetness indicator. It comes in 3 sizes, medium, large, and extra large.

Genesis Sanitary Pads

Genesis sanitary pads

Genesis sanitary pads are comfortable with high absorbent and top cotton layer which is ultra dry. They come in 240mm size and 280mm size.

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Genesis care clients save the children

Genesis care clients save the children
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Genesis care clients

Genesis care clients
Genesis care clients
Genesis care clients
Genesis care clients